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Well, I'm light years behind the times when it comes to all this new technology...but I've decided to give it a whirl and perhaps learn a few things along the way.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

White crayfish

White crayfish, originally uploaded by creativeaquarist.

Here is a white crayfish, one of 3 different colors that I am getting. The other two are red and a really pretty purple blue. They are omniverous and will even eat raw hotdogs bites dropped into their tank. They do interbreed so if you want to keep the colors pure you have to keep them in separate tanks. ..

I think they are a really cool addition to all my rare tropical fish...something just a little bit different...can't keep them with the fish though...they find fish very tasty to snack on...and I'm not breeding rare and expensive fish for crayfish to eat at whim, lol.

Speaking of fish... I was on Aquabid earlier...getting ready to post a new auction for baby fry from 4 of my different breeding groups and I was using Firefox just like I always do...and they come up with this new crap...that Firefox has disabled the copy/paste function...WHAT???

Then they tell me there is HTML code that you can go into the computer's system and put this function back in with...again WHAT??? I'm not a computer programmer...this is ridiculous!!

AND what makes even less sense to me...why disable it and then give you the HTML code to put it back into your system????? Do they think I'm bored and have nothing better to do than get frustrated with trying to log on and do what I do?

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